Book Review

Fairy Tale: King indulges himself to good effect on that difficult 65th novel

The veteran horror master’s latest effort could have done with a trimmed word count, but effortlessly entices the reader into its web nonetheless

Stephen King: his 65th novel, Fairy Tale, serves its purpose as a blast of escapism, propelled forwards by the energy and enthusiasm of its author

“I’ve always been good at visualising forward movement, action, narration,” Stephen King told a newspaper recently. “Scenes where people are afraid and running, or they’re in combat, or they’ve got a suspenseful situation. Those scenes I see very clearly.”

He wasn’t joking. The man who has penned novels including Carrie, Misery, The Shining, The Stand and many dozens more is one of the best-known and most read authors of our time: he’s a literary phenomenon ...