Enya Martin interview: ‘I have to be so careful what I say onstage . . . being taken out of context could end my career’

A rising star of Irish comedy with legions of fans online, Enya Martin is nonetheless hugely mindful of the perils of cancel culture

Enya Martin performs as part of Laughs At The Manor, a celebration of the return of music and culture to outdoor spaces in Ireland. Picture: Bryan Meade

If you don’t know Enya Martin – if you’re not one of her 352,000 Facebook followers, 85,000 Instagram followers, 38,000 YouTube subscribers, or 39,000 TikTok followers – you might nonetheless be acquainted with Chanto, her Dublin hun alter ego. Or maybe you’ve met Shardon, her dressing-gown-wearing, fag-toting, Candy-Crush-playing Irish mammy character. Or Dearbhla, her D4 blogger persona who wins awards for things like “best false advertiser” and can’t bear the thought of walking around during ...