Emmanuel Kehoe on TV: Reporters in Ukraine relay grim details in fight against both Putin and misinformation

In a time when online pranksters present video-game graphics as ‘real’ footage of the attack on Ukraine, reliable TV journalism is more vital than ever

Woman and child in a ruined suburb of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv: it’s important to have identifiable and trustworthy people covering this story as accurately as they can. Picture: Getty

Coverage of the Ukraine invasion (CNN, Sky News, RTÉ)

The Russian invasion of Ukraine comes to our screens as an evolving but often repetitive horror show of 24-hour news. I flick between CNN (which had a large team there from the get-go) and Sky News with the doughty 63-year-old Mark Austin reporting from an elevated position in Kyiv. By day his background is framed by the golden domes of St Michael’s Monastery bathed in brilliant ...