Emmanuel Kehoe on TV: How a Great House led to a homely tale of resilience and refurbishment

Architect and presenter Hugh Wallace is delighted by the successful renovation of a doer-upper in Co Cork

Living in a house transformed: Rob Hennessey with partner Katie and baby Caoimhe in The Great House Revival (RTÉ One)

The Great House Revival (RTÉ One)

Pachinko (Apple TV+)

I once thought we might buy a doer-upper, but my wife who has second sight and sees my follies, declared I was hopeless at DIY and didn’t want to live in a ruin for the rest of her life. Rubbing salt in the wound she quoted “Look on my Works ye Mighty, and despair” from Shelley’s Ozymandias.

She was right, of course. Every shelf, every coat ...