Emmanuel Kehoe on TV: Beloved Bannon may finally be running out of Room to roam

The bafflingly popular show ended its current run with more fairy-dust budgets and existential crises over trifling decorative matters

Total hugathon: Dermot Bannon with Nuala Carey, Patrick Freyne and Majella O’Donnell in Room to Improve: Constructive Criticism on RTÉ One

Room to Improve: Constructive Criticism (RTÉ One)

Bridgerton (Netflix)

The Queen vs Patrick O’Donnell (TG4)

Songs of the Open Road (RTÉ One)

Labelled “Constructive Criticism”, the final episode of the current series of Room to Improve (RTÉ One) was more like a great big reassuring hug. Not that this bafflingly popular series, or its presenter Dermot Bannon, need such affirmation.

But here we were, with Bannon seated between RTÉ weather presenter Nuala Carey (a “superfan“ ...