Emma Forrest interview: ‘I’m a skin too thin, which is why I'm a good writer’

Emma Forrest made her name in the 1990s as one of the voices of Generation X, but a raw and confessional 2012 memoir was what really got her noticed. Now its belated sequel explores what happened when her ‘dream life’ fell apart

Emma Forrest: ‘Writing helps me figure things through and it makes me feel safer. It’s worth the vulnerability.’ Picture: Agnes Wonke Toth

There is a streak of uninhibited rawness from Emma Forrest that’s long been evident in the work she has published since she first started writing, at the age of just 16.

Born in London, Forrest began her career as a music journalist for the NME and the Guardian, plying her trade in the early days of 1990s Britpop. She published her debut novel Namedropper at 21, with Thin Skin and Cherries in the Snow following ...