Echo & The Bunnymen interview: Reflecting and remembering

Four albums by the legendary 1980s Liverpool band – Crocodiles, Heaven Up Here, Porcupine and Ocean Rain – are re-released on vinyl this week, and they play Dublin’s Olympia in February. Their guitarist, Will Sergeant, who recently published a memoir chronicling his early life and the band’s early history, is ‘chuffed’ at their resurgence

Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant of Echo & The Bunnymen

Between 1979 and 1985, Liverpool four-piece Echo & the Bunnymen released four studio albums along with several singles. In a recent podcast for The Quietus, Nicky Wire of Manic Street Preachers heralded their output during this era as “beyond an imperial phase” and “as close to perfection as any band has ever been”.

Crocodiles (1980), Heaven Up Here (1981), Porcupine (1983) and Ocean Rain (1984) will all be re-issued on vinyl next Friday. “It’s about ...