Day of destiny for Ireland’s Olympians

Getting ready for the Olympics is about more than just training, it is a complete way of life where everything is about optimising performance and focusing on the event. Niamh Donnelly talks to seven athletes whose hard work and dedication has led them to this year’s Tokyo Olympics

Nicci Daly, hockey player: ‘When I sat down with the coach, he told me the Olympics was the goal’. Picture: Morgan Treacy/INPHO

Phone an Olympian, and most likely you’ll catch them on their way somewhere. They might be driving across the country to a training session, or getting into a hot bath to acclimatise to Japanese humidity, or packing for a flight, or off to get some fuel on board (an athlete’s way of saying “eat”) after a hard workout.

One person I speak to is cuddling a new puppy – Olympus, or Olly for short – ...