Classical Notes

Classical Notes: Women and War in Wexford, but Donizetti makes a comeback

Wexford Festival Opera’s ‘theming’ approach continues this autumn under new artistic director Rosetta Cucchi, with three of the chosen works outlined below

Rosetta Cucchi, Wexford Festival Opera’s new artistic director, adopted a themed programme of magic or enchantment this year for WFO’s traditional three main operas

Wexford Festival Opera (WFO) may be a long way off but, like any major company, the activity behind the scenes has to proceed in a realistic way so as to deliver the goods to its consumers – in this case, operas of a generally unknown quality, but not especially ‘long-lost’ any more.

In the past four years, WFO and its allied company, the National Opera House, has gone through major changes – and not just ...