Clash of the Clans: Bleak account of the most vicious gang war in Irish history

Nicola Tallant’s retelling of the Hutch/Kinahan feud isn’t easy reading at times, but it’s a required text for anyone wanting to understand Dublin’s gangland

Daniel Kinahan: the organised crime figure has taken an increasingly tight grip on the sport of boxing


Clash of the Clans: The Rise of the Irish Narcos and Boxing’s Dirty Secret

By Nicola Tallant

Mirror Books, €20.25

Clash of the Clans is award-winning reporter Nicola Tallant’s thorough examination of a war between two of Ireland’s most notorious criminal families, which began with the murder of Gary Hutch in Marbella six years ago. The Hutch-Kinahan feud isn’t just a battle for territory on the streets of our capital city, but also ...