Citroën expands its electric repertoire with the new e-C4 X

The often-innovative French brand is keen to distance itself from the mainstream market, and its new e-C4 X might signal the slow demise of the SUV

The e-C4 X is comfortable, quiet, has sensible levels of performance and is considerably lighter than many other larger electric SUVs, making it more efficient and cheaper to run. Picture: Adrien Cortesi

Few car brands have as rich a history of design and innovation as Citroën. These days, however, leaning on a healthy back catalogue isn’t going to translate into guaranteed sales. The market’s most popular segments are reaching saturation with the number of models available, so simply being present isn’t going to cut the mustard.

As one of 14 brands in the Stellantis group, Citroën faces enough in-house competition, although it also benefits from being able ...