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Cinema and TV: what’s on and worth a watch, by John Maguire

A coming-of-age comedy has shades of Rushmore; a Chicken Run follow-up is pheasant enough; and a vigilante entertainingly dispatches goons

Romina D'Ugo, Alex Ateah, Andy McQueen, and Isaiah Lehtinen in I Like Movies

For Lawrence Kweller (Isaiah Lehtinen), the 17-year-old Canadian high school student, ardent cinephile and aspiring filmmaker at the centre of Chandler Levack’s coming-of-age comedy I Like Movies, the film’s declamatory title isn’t merely a statement of fact, it's his entire personality. In fairness, he doesn’t have much else to shout about.

Chubby and socially awkward, quick to anger and easily bruised, Lawrence has a talent for rubbing people up the wrong way. His sole-parent mother ...