Book review: Strange Sally Diamond is yet another jewel in queen of crime’s crown

Liz Nugent’s compelling fifth novel, with its odd, engaging protagonist given star billing in the book’s title, has the kind of energy needed to take her career to even greater heights

Creative confusion: Author Liz Nugent revels in keeping her readers off balance, with skilful plots that frequently change tack. Picture: Fergal Phillips

Liz Nugent is sui generis, which is to say nobody writes quite like her. In the nine years since her stunning debut, no other Irish writer’s stock has risen more dramatically and her compelling fifth novel has the next-level energy to propel her career to even greater heights.

Nugent’s previous titles have always embraced wordplay. Granting her protagonist eponymous billing could be a masterstroke, however, elevating Sally Diamond to the plane of titular icons such ...