Book review: Love in a Time of Hate details the tangled love lives of the artsy set in 1930s Europe

Florian Illies brings a wry tone to this revealing, offbeat slice of cultural history about the bed-hopping writers and artists of the interwar years

F Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda are central to Florian Illies’ Love in a Time of Hate, which dips into the complicated love lives of Europe’s interwar intelligentsia

F Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda were the embodiment of the Jazz Age. His novel The Great Gatsby helped define the era, while she is credited as the first American flapper. The glamorous couple arrived in Europe in 1921, lived in Paris and the French Riviera and socialised with James Joyce and Ernest Hemingway.

By 1929, however, the Fitzgeralds’ marriage was over. Their tempestuous relationship in the following decade echoed Europe’s slide towards catastrophe. ...