Book review: Dystopian tale The 14th Storm unfolds in a familiar but climate-destroyed Ireland

Limerick author Daniel J Mooney’s protagonists wander a barren landscape rife with violence, starvation and political chaos

Author Daniel J Mooney: the vision he paints of once-familiar landscapes linger in the mind long after reading

Last week saw the latest round of near-apocalyptic warnings from the United Nations on the trajectory of climate change, with a “hellish” 3°C average temperature rise later this century now on the cards.

The problem with warnings about future calamities is that we find it all too easy to slough them off as just more distant thunder. As long as this future remains out of sight, it’s also out of mind.

Limerick-based author Daniel J Mooney has been to hell to reconnoitre the terrain, and the bitter fruits of his odyssey are presented in The 14th Storm, a dystopian novel set in Ireland in 2043.