Book review: Boy George settles old scores in ‘ego-ridden’ third autobiography Karma

The Culture Club star reunites with the ghostwriter of his first autobiography to address past errors and settle petty scores in a ‘gratuitously gossipy book’

Karma is Boy George’s third autobiography after Take It Like a Man in 1995 and Straight in 2005.

Boy George O’Dowd has, apparently, lived such a full life that he is now on his third autobiography, but is there anything further to add? Regurgitating biographical and career events that were capably covered in 1995’s Take It Like a Man (co-written with Spencer Bright) and 2005’s Straight (co-written with Paul Gorman) seems unnecessary, but there is some method in such repetition and updates. As implied by the title alone, Karma (also co-written with Bright) ...