Architects At Home: Turning a dated Rathmines flat into a light-filled residence

She’s known for her work on high-end projects, so it’s not surprising that Courtney McDonnell’s own apartment is refined and elegant with clever design choices at every turn

Courtney McDonnell at her flat in Rathmines: in the kitchen, the dining table was removed to create space, and the dining peninsula was designed to sit five people. PIcture: Fergal Phillips

Architect Courtney McDonnell and her husband Rory McInerney lived in their Rathmines apartment for two years before updating it. “It really gave us time to figure out exactly what we needed to do and how best to spend our money,” Courtney says.

When they first moved in, the decor was pretty dated with poor lighting, magnolia walls and old laminate floors that hadn’t been laid correctly, leaving lots of uneven edges and gaps. “The kitchen ...