Anton Savage: RTÉ should relish legal action; not repeat their pay-off mistakes of the past

For RTÉ, when it came to exit packages, the standard approach was to minimise cost by paying people off to leave quickly.

Anton Savage. ‘Let's be clear about what a ‘crisis’ is. A crisis is not when your factory outflow poisons the local trout or when your state body’s chief executive gets discovered wandering naked around a five-star hotel. Those are problems’

Dynamite and oil fields don’t mix. Shell, BP, Exxon, all the large oil producers really prefer it if you don’t bring high explosives near their drilling rigs. Gelignite, C4, nitro-glycerine; all strictly verboten near the pumps.

Unless those pumps are on fire, in which case high explosives are just the thing.

If your oil well-head is ablaze, one of the best ways to put it out is to blow it up - the explosion sucks ...