Anton Savage: Nights of the iguana explain Trump’s return from the shadows

Spare a thought for the oppressed white, male Floridian who is harassed by government every time he takes a potshot from the porch at another lounging lizard

Anton Savage: ‘You’re legally required to have a ten-foot-high “backstop” so bullets aimed at lizards (or anything else) don’t transit the lizard and continue their journey through your neighbour’s wall and into his thorax as he watches Wheel of Fortune’

It’s illegal to shoot an iguana in a residential neighbourhood in Florida. Technically it’ s illegal to shoot anything in a residential neighbourhood, but iguanas are currently a popular target. Those desiring to shoot the reptiles (of which there is a surprising number) find creative ways to circumvent the law.

The most common solution is high-powered air-rifles. These may lack gunpowder, but the iguana won’t know the difference if you get a clean shot off. ...