A Dangerous Visionary: A tycoon looks back at an illustrious and groundbreaking life in business

Eddie O’Connor’s autobiography is required reading for anyone starting off in business who wants to break into the big league

Eddie O’Connor recounts how he developed start-ups Airtricity and Mainstream Renewable Power into multimillion-euro renewable powerhouses in his memoir, A Dangerous Visionary


A Dangerous Visionary

By Eddie O’Connor

Currach Books, €19.99

A row with Johnny Ronan and Richard Barrett’s Treasury Holdings over wind turbine licences, the interference of Michael Lowry and the Department of Energy in Bord na Móna during the 1990s, and a bitter row with Scottish bird activists are among the many diverting anecdotes contained in the new autobiography of Eddie O’Connor, the man who built and sold Airtricity and Mainstream Renewable Power.

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