Wedding trends: what’s in and what’s out for 2024

Greener weddings, smaller weddings and weekend celebrations are just some of the key trends to emerge on TikTok for this year

More intimate ceremonies are in for 2024 with couples opting for a more personalised wedding experience

For many TikTok has become the place to source wedding inspiration, from wedding dress fashion to food. Recently ethical jewellery brand Sacet tracked the key wedding trends as predicted at the beginning of last year, revealing the wedding trends on the decline, and predictions for the upcoming year. Here’s what it found.

Big weddings are out

Intimate wedding ceremonies have taken the top spot with 495 million hashtag views for terms like ‘small’ and ‘intimate’ weddings, with the term ‘Micro weddings’ receiving a further 192 million hashtag views. Despite what many thought would be large weddings dominating wedding trends post-COVID, it seems couples are favouring more personalised, close-knit gatherings, emphasising quality over quantity.

Outdoor is in

Nature is increasingly becoming the backdrop of choice, with 349 million hashtag views for outdoor wedding venues. Many Irish wedding venues are now offering an outdoor (as well as indoor) setting, particularly for the ceremony itself.

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Vintage fashion is here to stay

Another trend that shows no sign of slowing down is the increased demand for the timeless elegance of vintage wedding dresses. The 202 million views signify a return to classic styles, nostalgia and a desire for individuality through the resurgence of vintage fashion. This also ties into a shift in modern couples opting for more responsible and eco-friendly choices on their big day.

Making a weekend of it

Whilst smaller weddings dominated 2023’s wedding trends, weekend-long wedding celebrations are still a prevailing trend, with couples wanting to prolong their big day throughout a weekend, from pre-wedding dinners to post-wedding brunches, a trend driven by the desire to create lasting memories and extended moments with loved ones, rather than one packed day.

According to Sacet’s research, the biggest declining trend of 2023 is midday ceremonies, with just 1k hashtag views as couples gravitate towards all-day weddings, opting for a morning ceremony to make the most of the entire day. Afternoon ceremonies saw a similar decline in popularity, with 21k hashtag views.

In line with the shift towards smaller, more intimate weddings, just 16k hashtag views for statement weddings show a shift towards more understated celebrations as couples opt for meaningful details over grand gestures. The decline of statement wedding flowers, dramatic wedding venue ceilings and over-the-top wedding cakes add weight to this.

When it comes to wedding fashion, renaissance-core is clearly on the decline. Despite corsets being expected to be a big trend for 2023, wedding corsets received just 746k views, signalling a shift to more comfortable attire like modular and oversized dresses.

Traditional food also took a backseat in 2023, with wedding canapés receiving the fewest total hashtag views against alternative catering options like wedding food trucks and grazing tables as couples explore alternative, more interactive dining experiences.

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