Walk the Line with Catherine Prasifka: “Social media is now a lens through which reality functions, and I wanted to capture that”

The Dublin author’s debut novel None Of This Is Serious was birthed during the pandemic, and taught the writer that ‘finished is better than perfect’

Catherine Prasifka: ‘Art is extremely personal, and will always be crafted through the lens of the artist themselves: that is inescapable,’ says the Dublin author and sister-in-law of author Sally Rooney. Picture: Bryan Meade

As a child, I always found it easiest to express myself through writing. I have a lot of other interests, and other careers I considered along the way, but throughout it all I always found myself returning to pen and paper. Even if I never got anything published, I’d still be writing.

The idea for my novel came to me while I was studying for my MA in fantasy literature at the University of Glasgow. ...