Stars line up for Alexander McQueen autumn-winter 2023 campaign

Photographed by David Sims the campaign features Naomi Campbell, Elle Fanning, Liu Wen and Eva Green among other famous faces

Elle Fanning is just one of the A-listers to feature in the new campaign

In a collection that showcased creative director Sarah Burton’s clean tailoring and love of the human form, Alexander McQueen’s autumn-winter campaign has been given the star treatment with a shoot that gathers together some of the best models of the moment plus some of the coolest actors around.

Always a favourite on the red carpet (Irish actor Barry Keoghan’s fashion elevation has largely been down to some very savvy McQueen choices) the collection is jam-packed with statement pieces and look-at-me-now jumpsuits and dresses. From low-key to high octane glam, the tough luxe of the collection will translate for all genders without being ostentatious. Just watch this autumn’s coming events for confirmation.

Naomi Campbell wears one of the key pieces from the autumn-winter collection
Eva Green models some of the sharp tailoring that is a signature of the collection
Naomi Campbell also walked in the autumn-winter runway show
Actress and muse Eva Green
French singer-songwriter and model Yseult showcases McQueen’s autumn winter accessories
Lui Wen, China’s first supermodel, features in the campaign
Italian model Momo Ndiaye showcases the sleek tailoring that is a standout part of the collection
Lui Wen
Elle Fanning features in the autumn-winter campaign
Karolina Spakowski modelling the ready-to-wear McQueen autumn-winter collection
Model Eliott De Smedt Day who walked in the McQueen autumn-winter showcases the androgynous appeal of the collection