Rare Patek Philippe expected to reach sale of €4.2m in auction and test vintage watch market

Less than 300 of the ‘Pink on Pink’ Patek Philippe 1518’s were ever made, and the sale will serve as a bellwether for the strength of the watch auction market

The perpetual calendar chronograph features a moon phase display, asalmon dial, and rose gold case. Image: Sotheby’s

An extremely rare Patek Philippe perpetual calendar chronograph will be put up for auction by Sotheby’s in June, in a sale that could reach €4.2 million and test the market strength for pricey vintage timepieces.

The watch is a ‘Pink on Pink’ Patek Philippe 1518, with a salmon dial and rose gold case. Less than 300 of the perpetual calendar chronographs with a moon phase display were ever made, and the recently discovered piece represents ...