Quiet Luxury: The Kate Moss-approved look that’s key for the season – and one we all can wear

Fashion is dropping its bells and whistles this spring in favour of a pared-back, understated luxury, best epitomised by Kate Moss for Bottega Veneta’s runway show

Kate Moss at Bottega Veneta’s spring-summer 2023 show in Milan, where she encapsulated the quiet luxury mood

Hidden in plain sight, low-key, and definitely not the word on the street. This isn’t the description one might peg to ‘luxury’, is it? The word itself has been tossed about so frequently to denote everything from holidays and handbags to wines and watches that its exclusivity has been somewhat undermined.

In fashion, luxury has been dictated by the logomania, dopamine dressing, and heavy Y2K references of the past few seasons that the mood has ...