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The Pivot: from aerospace engineering to launching a sustainable Irish fashion label

Noema Damaris left a life in aerospace engineering and academia behind to launch her namesake sustainable fashion label. Here, she explains how the sustainable pivot brought her back to her roots

Damaris launched her own eponymous sustainable fashion label, Noema, in 2021 and her designs have since been picked up by the UK cult retailer Wolf & Badger

Behind every engineer is an entrepreneur or an artist. Or so goes the saying that stuck with Mallorcan-born Noema Damaris when she was a 23-year-old student studying engineering in Madrid.

They were the words of an electrical engineering professor – the kind with an “appreciation for creativity” – and Damaris relays the adage in Spanish over the phone, and naturally, it has a lot more vim.

“I never forgot those words. And little did I ...