Ikea launches first-ever limited edition workout collection

The 19-piece collection features fitness and wellness products that aim to make working out more accessible

The collection is available in-store or online with prices ranging from €5 to €110

Ikea has unveiled its first home workout and fitness collection featuring 19 limited edition products that aim to make fitness and wellness goals more accessible at home.

Called Dajlien – ‘daily’ in Swedish – products include exercise mats, a step-up board, and a set of ring-shaped dumbbells alongside wellness products like an air purifier, yoga straps, knee pads, a massage ball, and a portable Bluetooth speaker. Sliders and dry robe style ponchos also feature in the collection.

Inspired by the need for multi-functional solutions that seamlessly fit into the home, the collection combines exercise and storage, as many of the products serve not only as training equipment but also as practical design pieces.

The range has been designed using subtle colours, like pastel green and blue, and details that blend into the home that appear like home decor
The weights double up as bookends while the exercise bench transforms into a coffee table
Dajlien trolley, €80, which comes in pastel green and white
Dajlien cushion, €10, and blanket, €19
Dajlien raining weights (set of two), €25 and step-up board, €30
Dajlien portable bluetooth speaker, €10

The range has been designed using subtle colours, like pastel green and blue, alongside details that blend into the home and appear like home decor.

The Dajlien bench is one such example; the versatile wooden bench is inspired by old-school gym equipment and stands as the collection’s focal point of multi-functional design. Coming with a non-slip mat, it invites different bodyweight exercises, while doubling as storage for items, or as a practical coffee table around the home.

Dajlien 4-piece exercise set, €35
Dajlien bench with storage, €110
Dajlien exercise mat, from €20
Dajlien carrier bag, €5.50
Dajlien sliders, €7

“Dajlien is all about supporting movement and helping people live more active lives at home.

“We have designed a collection that helps bridge the gap between home and active life, that recognises that training can take many shapes and forms and that you don’t need a lot of space to do a simple workout,” Ikea designer Akanksha Deo said.

The limited edition collection is available now to shop in-store and online at with prices ranging from €5 to €110.