Getting married? Trust this skincare expert’s guide to what you need to do now to achieve glowing wedding day skin

Ahead of The Register, Irish Tatler’s immersive wedding planning experience on February 10, skin expert and founder of Skin Formulas Geraldine Jones explains the key steps to perfecting your wedding skincare routine

Tipperary native Geraldine Jones has over 20 years of experience in the skincare industry and launched Skin Formulas in 2019

From the non-invasive treatments worth considering before your big day, to the dos and don’t of wedding skincare and the key products you should know about, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to acing your pre-wedding skincare routine.

As skin expert and the founder of the excellent Irish skincare brand Skin Formulas, Geraldine Jones, puts it: “All anyone really wants is to look their best on their wedding day; to enhance their best features and achieve a beautiful, healthy glow. In my 20 years of experience in the skincare industry looking after brides, that is the most common sentiment.”

Ahead of The Register, Irish Tatler’s immersive wedding planning experience on February 10 in Anantara The Marker Hotel – where 35+ of the best wedding venues in Ireland will come together to showcase their offerings to guests – we asked Jones to troubleshoot some of the most common skincare concerns of brides-to-be.

At the event Jones will be accompanied on the Wedding Insiders panel by Tara Fay, Ireland’s leading luxury wedding planner, who will discuss how to create a one-of-a-kind celebration, and Gareth Mullins, the executive chef at Forbes Street at Anantara The Marker, who will advise how to perfect your wedding day meal.This discussion will be chaired by Irish Tatler’s editor, Jessie Collins.

With two sessions to choose from – 11:30am to 2pm and 3pm to 5:30pm – tickets can be purchased HERE. One ticket costs €30 while €50 covers two tickets.

For a preview of what guests can expect from the expert panel discussion, here are eight golden rules to achieve the perfect wedding day skin.

The timeline

Six months pre-wedding is the perfect timeframe to get the skin 'wedding ready'. Monthly facials and or monthly skin peels will leave the skin looking fresher, rejuvenated, and glowing for the big day, according to Jones.

“When introducing new skincare it can take up to 30 days to see all of the benefits taking effect so if you have specific skin concerns or needs, it may be best to start your skincare journey further out, like eight to 10 months pre-wedding,” she says.

This will allow time for more advanced skin treatments such as skin needling or intense pulsed light therapy (IPL) if scarring is something that needs to be addressed.

The dos and don’ts

“If it isn't broken, don't fix it,” Jones says. “By this I mean, if the current routine is working well and results have been achieved, don't try to introduce something new or add additional products to the routine within a four-week window of the wedding date. The last thing you want is a breakout or a reaction to a new product.

“If getting a spray tan or wearing face tan, I always advise to firstly test the tan on your face when you’re having your wedding makeup trial so your makeup artist can match the colours correctly.

Hydra Bronze hyaluronic acid tanning serum, €35.70, Skin Formulas

“Skin Formulas’ Hydra Bronze hyaluronic acid tanning serum is a firm favourite among a lot of our brides as it is a beautiful shade that adapts to all skin tones while hydrating and plump the skin.”

The key products

“I always recommend hyaluronic acid in a serum; it’s an incredible ingredient that draws moisture into the skin and it can hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in moisture.

“Skin using it will appear more hydrated, plumper and brighter and it will provide the perfect base for makeup to glide effortlessly onto. My ultimate favourite is Skin Formulas’ hyaluronic acid serum,” Jones says.

Hydra hyaluronic acid serum, €45, Skin Formulas

For drier skin, vitamin C is always an excellent ingredient to include in wedding prep. In addition to its antioxidant benefits, it lightens and brightens any discolouration on the skin, it evens skin tone, improves signs of ageing and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and addresses the loss of firmness.

“Another point worth mentioning is that we can't forget to care about the skin on our bodies. Two fantastic ingredients to prep the skin on the body are glycolic acid and retinol.

“My recommendations for an amazing body polish or exfoliation in the shower is the Image Skincare Ageless cleanser. I use it with a pair of exfoliating mitts in the shower at least three times a week and my skin is left feeling super exfoliated because it removes all traces of dead skin,” she adds.

Ageless total facial cleanser, €45.50, Image

Vitamin A, C and E body oil, €55, Environ at

“This can be paired with the Environ vitamin A, C and E body oil, which is a 1 per cent retinol face and body oil. Used daily, it regulates sebum production, promotes cell renewal to assist the skin's natural exfoliation, and it moisturises the skin to maintain its natural oils. In essence, it significantly improves the overall skin’s feel.”

The 360-degree approach

“All anyone really wants is to look their best on their wedding day; to enhance their best features and achieve a beautiful, healthy glow. In my 20 years of experience in the skincare industry looking after brides, that is the most common sentiment.

“Natural skin is in. No one really wants to mask their skin with excessive, overdone makeup, so we are finding now that brides really want to look after the health of their skin,” Jones says.

An in-depth consultation is key here, which looks at lifestyle, diet, skincare supplements, homecare products and professional treatments. Taking a 360-degree approach to skin health is crucial, according to Jones.

Aesthetic treatments – what to know

“If someone wants to try injectables before their big day, my advice would be to do this at least six to eight months in advance. Have your first treatment, find out what you like, and if you feel you would like to adjust your treatment after the desired result has time to settle.

Lactic acid peels and oxygen infusions are among the non-invasive treatments Jones recommends one month in advance of your wedding day. Picture by Andres Molina on Unsplash

“Once you know what you’re happy with, I would make a 'wedding' injectable appointment at least four weeks prior to your wedding day, so any small bruises you might have acquired have time to settle, and so the full effects of botox will have taken to the skin.”

Non-invasive treatments worth considering

Lactic acid chemical peels are suitable for most skin types and concerns and are a beautiful pre-wedding treatment. Similarly, oxygen infusions are an incredibly hydrating and brightening option.

Jones’ favourite is the Hydra Facial, which is a specialist treatment that removes dead skin, extracts impurities and hydrates the skin, and is available at various aesthetic clinics around the country.

It’s a month out from the big day – here’s what you need to know

“Sleep well, eat healthy, and look after your wellbeing, mental health, and stress levels. Reducing your caffeine and sugar intake, while drinking more water, will have a hugely positive influence on the health of your skin.

“Excess sugar in our bloodstream can cause glycation, which is a natural chemical reaction that happens when sugar levels in the bloodstream spike beyond what our insulin can handle,” Jones says

Glycation affects the collagen and elastin in the skin. When collagen and elastin link with sugar they become weak and impaired, meaning the signs of ageing become more apparent. “Therefore, our skin becomes drier and less elastic, causing wrinkles, sagging and a dull skin appearance,” she explains.

The final rule

“Carry a small bag with some lip treatment or lip gloss so your lipstick doesn't dry out your lips – this is always my last piece of advice for brides-to-be.”

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