Searching for your forever coat? The Landskein is the answer

Exceptional coats in exceptional fabrics are the mainstay of Anna Guerin’s fashion brand

‘Our commitment lies in crafting coats that transcend fleeting trends, becoming enduring staples in someone’s closet, says Anna Guerin, founder, The Landskein. Baie double breasted coat, €989 worn over Iseult blazer in olive green herringbone, €690

“What I’ve come to understand is that when the foundation – the product itself – is strong, it can speak louder than any sales pitch or marketing strategy. The right product has the remarkable ability to vouch for itself.”

Anna Guerin is reflecting on her fifth year in business, with her label the Landskein enjoying considerable, while carefully considered, growth. From a 2019 launch, it has established itself at locations including the Designer Level at ...