Everything you need to know about Swatch’s new Bioceramic watch drop

The Swiss watch company has added to its square-shaped line with new, updated colours

The new collection features four colours, Sky blue, Lemon, Mint or Rose

Swatch has just released a new selection of watches from its Bioceramic What If? Collection in a range of pastel shades. Featuring a new geometric design with square edges and a 33 mm x 33 mm case, there are four colours, Sky blue, Lemon, Mint or Rose to choose from. Made using Swatch's bioceramic material, a process which combines ceramic powder with bio-sourced material to create a tough, durable material, there is a slightly different dial design for each of the four models. Featuring a Bioceramic case, crown, and buckle, there is bio-sourced edge-to-edge glass and an integrated biosourced strap.

The new watch in Lemon
The Bioceramic What If? in Rose
The Bioceramic What If? in Sky Blue

Known for its distinctive playful designs, bright colours and trademark round face, the What If? collection plays homage to the original Swatch engineers, who produced several prototypes for the first watch, including various round and square versions. While a round face was agreed upon (their first style was called The Gent) the What If collection plays with the idea of what the brand would have looked like if they’d gone for a square face. The creation of the durable Bioceramic material meant the brand has been able to offset some of the inherent issues with a square design

BIoceramic What If?, €119, available from Swatch stores and