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Everything you need to know about EMFACE, the leading non-invasive face-lift

BTL Industries, the world-renowned manufacturer of medical and aesthetic equipment has hit the sweet spot with a breakthrough device to tone and lift the face that is pain-free and needs no downtime

“EMFACE is quite literally a ‘Facelift Machine’ lifting the elevator muscles beneath the skin’s dermal structure”

EMFACE is the newest addition to BTL’s growing innovations in aesthetics. It offers one of the most exciting developments in non-invasive options if you want to lift, tone, and achieve wrinkle reduction in the face. Since it was first introduced earlier this year, it has dominated the global aesthetics space, with celebrities queuing up for the treatment, sharing their transformative experiences on social media and in the press.

“It’s quite literally a ‘Facelift Machine’ lifting the elevator muscles beneath the skin’s dermal structure,” says Dee MacMahon, Managing Director of BTL Industries for Ireland and Northern Ireland. “Only now, with this clever innovation, aesthetic clinics effectively treat the signs of ageing. We are restoring and elevating the support of facial tissues by selectively contracting muscles and increasing the density and quality of muscle structure. At the same time, simultaneously we remodel and smooth the skin by heating the dermis, increasing the levels of collagen and elastin fibres.

The human face possesses upwards of 30 muscles, and the striated muscles link the face’s skin to the skull’s bone, which performs essential functions for daily life, including mastication and expression of emotion. Out of all of these muscles, only four have the key responsibility for elevating or lifting facial structures. However, gravity is the primal force constantly working to pull these muscles downwards, and this is where EMFACE is in a class of its own and unlike any other treatment available on the market to date.

Using three applicators applied to the forehead and one on each side of the face, it can target these exact elevator muscles, combining HIFES energy with RF energy technology that, through simultaneous dual-field applicators, the HIFES produces 75,000 facial muscle contractions in each session that lifts and tones the face, therefore improving the structure. Each treatment takes only 20 minutes and requires no downtime whatsoever. And the results are extraordinary. Recent clinical studies have shown:

37% reduction in wrinkles

30% increase in muscle tone

23% more lift

EMFACE treatments are an excellent option for reducing wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. It improves skin tone, texture, collagen and elasticity. The treatments are quick, painless, require no downtime, and are a natural anti-ageing solution for clients who don’t want injectables and the perfect combination treatment for those who do.

An impressive 95% of patients reported satisfaction with the results. EMFACE is flexible too. If a patient is keen to work only on the upper or lower face, clinics can offer target treatments requiring less cost. EMFACE is an innovation in aesthetic technology that the world has been waiting for.

BTL Ireland proudly has an affiliate office based in Dublin with a dedicated clinical training team, sales and engineering and client success managers. To enquire about a device or any information on BTL systems, contact