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‘Ever since my parents met my partner there is a constant battle for boundaries — they criticise our decisions and intrude on our personal space’

Ask Layla: I’ve been with my girlfriend for a year; she’s supportive and shares my values. However, my parents are overbearing, especially since meeting her. They criticise us and invade our space despite my attempts to set boundaries

Psychologist Layla Collins: “To grow into a balanced, emotionally mature adult, we need to establish our independence from our parents.” Image by Justin Groep on Unsplash


I've been in a committed relationship with my girlfriend for about a year now. She's wonderful, supportive, and we share many common interests and values. The issue is not our relationship, but rather my parents. I’ve found myself in an uncomfortable situation as a a result, and though it’s probably a common one, it’s causing me a fair amount of distress and I’m hoping you can provide some guidance.

Ever since they met my ...