Designer Cath Kidston: ‘I realised I was working at a corporation and not a corner shop anymore’

The designer once known for her signature floral prints that topped £100 million in sales has just launched a new brand in the business of bodycare. She talks business highs and lows and how her love of gardening inspired her new line

Cath Kidston: “My brain is wired to find creative inspiration in all manner of places, but having somewhere to channel my ideas is part of the joy.” Picture: Chris Floyd

Appearing as a guest on BBC Radio 4’ s long-standing programme Desert Island Discs, Cath Kidston told then presenter Kirsty Young about how her namesake brand of floral-laden products was like marmite. “People either like or hate what we do. I didn’t set out to do something safe; if you create something that has a strong personality then you can't expect everyone to like it,” she explained.

That was 2011. And though Kidston didn’t know ...