Candy pinks, glossy lips and the micro mani – the 5 spring beauty trends you need to know

Spring 2023 is a conglomeration of trends inspired by the 1990s and early millennium. But don’t worry, we have five easy ways you can update your look for a new season refresh

This year, spring-summer is all about bold pops of colour from lips to eyelids. Picture: Emporio Armani

Trends should be worn with a light heart and a non-committal attitude. They’re always about fun, experimentation and coasting along on the zeitgeist in a way that you might regret a bit later. If you’re over thirty, none of the trends below will feel new and several might be positively unsettling if you’re still nursing a regret hangover from the first time around.

This season sees some of the trends of your schooldays positively exhumed. ...