‘As the surrogate, legally I had every right to walk out of the hospital with that baby’

A long-awaited bill, which is due to be published this autumn, will for the first time create a regulatory framework around surrogacy and IVF in Ireland but behind the scenes, the legislation has run into trouble

Becky Loftus, who acted as a surrogate for two of her friends, photographed with her son Brian. Picture: Barry Cronin

Mary Seery-Kearney always suspected that she had undiagnosed fertility problems. But it wasn’t until after multiple miscarriages and a series of failed IVF cycles that the Fine Gael senator and her husband decided to look into surrogacy.

“We had 13 rounds of IVF, most of them in Ireland, some in Barcelona. I would get pregnant, but I just couldn’t get past the 12-week mark,” she told the Business Post. “We took a couple of years ...