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Vision Pro: Apple’s ‘shot in the arm’ for the metaverse

For all its promises, the metaverse has yet to take off in the way that many proponents and supporters claimed it would, but what are the implications of Apple’s game-changing Vision Pro headset

For advocates of the metaverse – aka augmented or virtual reality – Apple’s Vision Pro could be a turning point that gets more people involved

When Apple unveiled its Vision Pro headset, the word “metaverse” was not mentioned once but stakeholders in the space were watching very closely.

Apple had finally entered the arena, whether you call it augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), extended reality (XR), the metaverse, or spatial computing.

While Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg has been enamoured with headsets and virtual worlds for work and play for some time, it is the entrance of Apple that many feel ...