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Tech slowdown: Why more and more companies are reining in the perks

Are tech businesses dropping their benefits during the downturn? It’s out with the free meals, home-from-home office services and regular team activities, enter some new benefits more befitting the times we are living in, reports Fiona Alston

Ed Rossiter, group co-chief executive of Phoenix: ‘A lot of tech companies and fintech brands are focusing on building stronger, more improved versions of their existing products while the downturn is in place.’

As budgets are being scrutinised and employees do their best to stay away from the office, what is happening with the perks they once enjoyed? The good news, according to Ed Rossiter, group co-chief executive of Phoenix, a recruitment company, is that with a skills shortage still in Ireland, the perks of old may have gone but what has replaced them are much more wholesome.

“Where we’ve seen consistency and still a high level of ...