My Tech Life: ‘The one unspoken rule is that there are no phones at the dinner table’

Luke Mackey, 27, is country manager of Bolt, a ride sharing, electric bike rental and scooter rental app

Luke Mackey, country manager of Bolt: ‘The thing I look forward to most about going to the office is the commute. I can just play an album or listen to a podcast on my way.’

On average, I get up around 7am. I live in Sallynoggin in Co Dublin. I’m trying to get healthier. Covid-19 hasn’t been good for my JustEat account, so since the gym reopened I’ve been going straight down to it in Dún Laoghaire every morning before getting stuck into work.

I get a coffee on the way back, have a shower, and start working from about 8.30am. I start with planning and emails until about 9.30am. ...