Inventor of the Web looks to fix internet

Having invented the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee is now focused on fixing it. Charlie Taylor caught up with the legendary computer scientist, and cybersecurity expert John Bruce recently to discuss how they are getting on with ‘reshaping the internet’

Inrupt’s founders Tim Berners-Lee and John Bruce onstage at Web Summit in Lisbon: ‘We’re not saying you have to rip all the Web out, but things have to change’

It is a sunny morning in Lisbon and yet another instalment of Web Summit is drawing to a close. Typically, the final day is a quiet one but this year the organisers have saved the best for last with an appearance from Berners-Lee and Bruce to discuss Inrupt, the start-up they founded in 2018.

Inrupt is focused on delivering Berners-Lee’s original vision of a web of shared benefit, for everyone. The start-up raised an estimated ...