Women driving deep changes in world of Stem

This year’s Women in Stem summit highlighted the rich seam of talent in those women who have pursued stellar careers in the sector, but far more needs to be done to achieve gender balance

Sarah Kate Sweeney, Physics student, University College Cork (UCC); Ao Sasame, Medical student, University College Dublin and co-founder, AccessMed Ireland; Ruth Madden, biological and chemical sciences student, University College Cork (UCC) and Sonya Lennon, entrepreneur and thought leader for workplace equality. Pictures: Maura Hickey

“I could say we have a roster of riches and brilliance, but it underplays the speakers here,” said entrepreneur Sonya Lennon, who chaired the Women in Stem Summit 2022. “And the words today matter as they make a difference to government and to business policy in both the medium- and long-term.”

In a packed schedule full of quality, the Women in Stem summit showcased a large and diverse range of demographics and experiences that highlighted ...