Vuzion and Infinigate combine to give customers a unique journey to the cloud

The Microsoft provider has joined forces with the cybersecurity firm to offer more expertise and best-in-breed solutions to clients

Vuzion delivers best-of-breed, hand-picked cloud solutions with a core focus on marketing and technical abilities

Vuzion is an award-winning cloud distributor and Microsoft Indirect Provider serving more than 600 resellers and one million cloud users. This acquisition combines Infinigate’s pan-European cybersecurity footprint with Vuzion’s strong expertise in the Microsoft world to create a unique, secure cloud value-add digital platform

Vuzion is an innovative Microsoft powerhouse and Europe’s leading independent cloud services provider. It delivers best-of-breed, hand-picked cloud solutions with a core focus on marketing and technical abilities and was the first Microsoft Indirect Provider to cover a full spectrum of offerings across the cloud platform partner ecosystem.

Over the past three years Vuzion recorded strong organic year-on-year growth of more than 30 per cent each year, and has a rapidly expanding customer base

"We are excited to join the innovative and dynamic Infinigate team" said Kieran McDonnell, head of Vuzion, Ireland. "Our businesses have shared values and a people-focused approach which provides us with a strong foundation. This acquisition will allow us to expand our expertise and services, helping our partners accelerate their growth, whilst securing their customers’ journey to the cloud. It also will generate new employment opportunities in Ireland, Britain and in Europe.”

Increasingly, cybersecurity start-ups are operating a fully subscription-based model and the acquisition will enable Infinigate to channel Vuzion’s wealth of experience in helping both vendors and partners adapt to this model. Emerging cybersecurity start-ups also view access to the Microsoft channel as a key asset, and Infinigate will now be able to offer best-in-breed solutions for both cybersecurity and cloud.

Klaus Schlichtherle, chief executive of Infinigate Group, said “Our acquisition of Vuzion is a strategic move that we’ve taken because cybersecurity and cloud are a natural fit. It enables us to ensure a more comprehensive security posture for the end customers especially in the SMB space. Infinigate will be the only VAD where resellers will find the expertise to transition customers to comprehensive secure cloud solutions.

“The acquisition will accelerate digital transformation both for Infinigate and for those we serve and combined with our key recruitment and investments, it enables us to re-invent VAD for a digital world. In the coming quarter we will be investing in the core Vuzion business and will develop a joint approach across EMEA to secure the cloud and leverage Vuzion expertise and experience,” Schlichtherle said.

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