Wilsons Auctions win Gold Family Business CSR Award

Firm supports local charities, fundraising and community-based events with an emphasis on creating connections with communities

Left, Matt Cooper, host, Family Business Awards, with members of Wilsons Auctions receiving their Gold award for Family Business Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of how business is done at Wilsons Auctions, so the company was honoured to see its considerable efforts recognised recently by winning the Gold Family Business CSR Award at this year’s illustrious Family Business Awards ceremony.

Ricky Wilson, director and auctioneer at Wilsons Auctions, paid tribute to the huge amount of work carried out by the company in this area, and highlighted the importance of giving back as an ethos at the family-owned firm.

Fact Box

Organisation’s name: Wilsons Auctions

Number of employees: 253

Turnover: £37.4million

Why in the news: Winners of the Gold Family Business CSR Award at the 2023 Family Business Awards

He said: “Winning the Gold Award for the Family Business Awards holds tremendous significance for Wilsons Auctions as a company deeply committed to making a positive impact in our communities.

“This recognition reaffirms our core values and underscores the importance we place on employee engagement in CSR activities.

“Our team’s involvement and dedication to various community events, fundraising endeavours and charitable causes has been pivotal in achieving this milestone and it’s their enthusiasm and support than has been instrumental in driving these initiatives forward.”

Focusing on supporting local charities, fundraising events and community-based events has been a cornerstone of efforts at Wilsons Auctions, with an emphasis placed on creating meaningful connections with communities and fostering relationships that go beyond the realm of auctions and business transactions.

This award validates the success of our multifaceted approach to CSR

“This award validates the success of our multifaceted approach to CSR, encompassing a wide range of initiatives, including partnerships with charities, fundraising events, environmental sustainability efforts and local community engagement programmes,” said Wilson.

Since 1936, the prominent family-owned, and family-run, auction company has been at the forefront of the sector, specialising in a wide array of auctions including vehicles, property, government asset management, plant and machinery, luxury goods and more.

From one site in Northern Ireland, Wilsons Auctions has expanded extensively over its nearly nine decades in industry to become the largest independent auction house in Ireland and Britain, operating from 19 separate locations across Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales.

From March 2022 to 2023, some £485 million worth of goods was sold by the auction group on behalf of its customers, a figure up 4 per cent on the previous year, with that customer base extending across a broad range of areas including private sellers, car dealers, major car manufacturers, lease companies, banks, liquidators, and government bodies including law enforcement agencies.

“Wilsons Auctions hold more than 3,100 auctions each year and we can auction every category of asset from cars, vans and plant machinery, to property and general goods,” explained Wilson.

“We also have the expertise to deal with more luxurious goods including planes, yachts, gold bars, supercars, designer goods, prestigious watches and, more recently, we have expanded our offering into cryptocurrency.”

He added: “Our auction company carries the expertise, standards and facilities to manage the whole realisation process, including collection, valuation, storage, re-marketing and going on to achieve the assets’ maximum value.”

Ever evolving, Wilsons Auctions has grown in recent years through development of new markets, modernisation of its auction centres, smart acquisitions and utilising the potential of online auctions.

An investment of more than €10 million since 2017 has also enabled the group to make improvements to existing auction centres and technology and to acquire new sites.

Conveniently situated

In Dublin, located at Exit 2 on Naas Road, Wilsons Auctions is home to the largest auction facilities in Ireland, with a 21-acre site conveniently situated on the outskirts of Dublin city centre.

The site offers 80,000 sq ft of undercover storage and showroom viewing space and, as part of the company’s ongoing continuous improvement initiative, a further €1 million has been invested in upgrading the Dublin facilities for customers and staff.

Wilsons Auctions is committed to delivering the very best service to customers and always pursuing how best to serve not only its consumer base and staff but also the wider community.

“Winning this award serves as testament to our unwavering commitment to giving back, supporting local communities and making a difference in the lives of those who need it most,” said Wilson.

“A genuine desire to support others is not only the right thing to do but also an integral part of who we are as a company.”

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