The secret to accelerating digital transformation in the workplace

As pressure mounts on IT departments to produce seamless digital experiences for staff working remotely, low code and no code software design is emerging as the solution

Prateek Desai, practice manager with Storm Technology: team specialises in low code solution-building and deployment

A pre-pandemic buzzword, digital transformation remains an absolute business essential in the new age of remote and hybrid working. However, with digitalisation projects requiring specialised skillsets and detailed planning, in reality such business transformation can be slow and difficult to manage.

As the demand for seamless digital experiences continues to rise among employees and customers, and the expectation that these solutions be delivered quickly, the pressure is mounting on IT departments. That’s not to mention the long-term issue of talent shortages and the daily challenges of managing an organisation’s IT needs.

Easing this load and enabling IT teams to democratise solution design, low code and no code software design is emerging from the shadows and taking centre stage as a critical tool for digital transformation, business innovation and company growth. While tools such as Microsoft Power Platform bring low code and no code development together, the two approaches are different.

Therefore, identifying the right strategy and platform is essential to supporting specific objectives and delivering a return on investment. Of course, realising the potential of low code is also reliant on internal resources having the necessary skills to utilise the technology effectively. Another challenge for organisations is translating low code design into a tangible reality.

However, when companies identify one application for low code and see the impact that Microsoft Power Platform delivers, many then invest in upskilling the team and roll it out across the entire organisation. As low code adoption increases, it is important to balance governance and control with innovation.

That’s where Storm Technology comes in. With a team specialising in low code solution building and deployment, along with a Centre of Excellence, it can help to address any business concerns, support citizen developers and assist future app development. In turn, Storm Technology enables businesses to fully embrace and capitalise on low code – thus enhancing not only employee experience, but also customer experience.

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