The future of business broadband retailing is set to change with Magnet Networks’ launch of Ireland’s first single connectivity marketplace.

The future of business broadband retailing is set to change with Magnet Networks’ launch of Ireland’s first single connectivity marketplace.

Magnet Networks is the first provider to grant one-stop access to all business options offered by every major network operator in Ireland.

The new service promises to provide enterprise-class options to businesses who need quality connectivity, virtually everywhere in the country.

And with the introduction of Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) in a single marketplace, Magnet Networks is offering a connectivity option that is set to reduce the cost, and improve the service, to thousands of businesses currently paying high legacy fees.

“Businesses around the country who are paying massive costs for legacy lines are entitled to know that there is a faster and better value option available to them through DIA,” said Magnet Networks Ireland Managing Director Stephen Brewer.

“Previously, DIA would normally command a four-figure monthly sum – now it is in the realms of hundreds rather than thousands thanks to our network agnostic approach and technology choices.

“We are combining multiple networks with our own to bring together Ireland’s largest connectivity network for businesses who need technology and speed to grow.

“Because we are not tied to any location, we will be guided by value and service and are dedicated to delivering the best connectivity solution available in your area.

“For example, if you are a business in Carlow, we can take an independent view on all the options available to you in the market, whether they be fibre, copper or direct, with one call.

“The dedicated connectivity that can be offered by Magnet Networks is a step up from available business broadband and comes with corporate-level support.

“Aside from a monthly price, which can be as low as €290, circuits are monitored and the support team, located in Ireland, will answer the phone 24/7.

“A phone call or web chat will provide your options within the same day.”

The ESRI this week stated that high-speed broadband boosts productivity by up to a third.

However, the industry veteran is concerned at the number of companies placing a low value on the quality of the connectivity they depend on.

“Even in the last two years connective technology has moved on massively, but many internet-critical companies are still living on the offering that they signed up to five years ago,” said Mr Brewer.

“While 68% of companies in Ireland say that they have a digital transformation strategy, it is very difficult to run a smart warehouse with a 12mb connection.

“If you are an online dependent company and currently paying €29.50 for your broadband, then you are vastly undervaluing the importance of connectivity to your business.

“If you lose connectivity, or even broadband quality, then you don’t just lose business days, you lose revenue and possibly customers.

“While it doesn’t make economic sense for individual providers to suggest cheaper alternatives to their clients, we have an overview of the market and can direct customers to the best option for them in an instant.

“And the great news for companies who are currently struggling with a very basic or no connection is that if you are within a few kilometres of a mobile phone network, then we will also be able to deliver quality connectivity to your business.”