PwC Ireland opens new Cyber Managed Services Centre in Cork

PwC Ireland has opened its new Cyber Managed Services Centre at One Albert Quay, Cork, marking a significant expansion of its national cybersecurity capabilities

Pictured at the launch of the PwC Cyber Managed Services Centre in PwC's Cork offices are (l-r): Leonard McAuliffe, cyber partner, PwC Ireland; Dr Donna O'Shea, chair of cybersecurity in Munster Technological University and Enda McDonagh, managing partner, PwC Ireland.

This strategic move follows PwC’s announcement of 150 new jobs in the region, demonstrating the firm’s commitment to fostering local talent and providing high quality cybersecurity services.

The Cyber Managed Services Centre allows organisations to outsource services such as third party risk management, data privacy operations, threat detection, incident response, vulnerability management and compliance monitoring to PwC’s industry experts. This allows internal teams to focus on their core business activities while ensuring world-class protection against cyber threats.

The firm’s human-led, tech-powered strategy, safeguards clients from cyber threats while ensuring adherence to evolving regulatory requirements. The centre offers a comprehensive suite of services, using innovative approaches, specialised resources and the latest cutting edge technologies.

A strategic expansion to combat cyber threats

Recent findings from PwC’s 2024 Digital Trust survey indicate a growing concern among Irish businesses regarding cybersecurity, with 53% of respondents expecting Generative AI (GenAI) to lead to catastrophic cyber attacks within the next year. Additionally, 42% identified third-party breaches as the leading cybersecurity threat.

Due to the rapidly evolving nature of cyber threats, and artificial intelligence in particular, the regulatory environment has become increasingly complex. Key regulations like the EU AI Act, the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) and the expanded Network and Information Security (NIS2) Directive have been implemented to ensure businesses take appropriate measures to enhance their cyber vigilance and protect sensitive data.

These regulations require businesses to be diligent in identifying and mitigating potential cyber threats and implementing robust security measures to safeguard against data breaches and other cyber attacks.

Local expertise meets global technology

As a result, many businesses need help staying up-to-date with the latest regulatory requirements and enhancing their cybersecurity posture.

According to Len McAuliffe, cyber partner at PwC Ireland, the firm’s new Cyber Managed Services Centre will be pivotal in helping clients build their cyber resilience and refocus on their core activities.

Leonard McAuliffe, cyber partner at PwC Ireland.

“In an era of heightened disruption and uncertainty, our Cyber Managed Services Centre is a direct response to businesses’ increasing reliance on third-party collaborations,” he said. “By leveraging specialised resources, fine-tuned processes and cutting-edge technology, we are well-positioned to support our clients’ cybersecurity needs locally, nationally and internationally.”

Enhancing business efficiency and security

McAuliffe also emphasised the many business benefits beyond regulatory compliance. The centre offers a host of strategic advantages, such as access to a range of resources, tools and expertise to improve business operations, increase efficiency and reduce costs. The centre also provides users with a platform for networking and collaboration with industry experts, which can lead to new opportunities and partnerships.

“As third-party breaches become the primary concern for Irish organisations, our centre provides access to managed services solutions backed by industry-leading technologies. ”

This initiative will aid businesses in improving operational efficiency and reducing risks, enabling their employees to focus on their primary tasks.

The centre’s real-time reporting capacity also provides business leaders with real-time information about their cyber risks. This enables them to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions while freeing their people to focus on core value-adding activities, knowing that PwC's experts are proactively protecting their business. All this leads to reduced costs, increased efficiency, and a distinct edge in today’s competitive landscape.

Helping organisations get back to business

In today’s world, where cyber threats are increasing rapidly, companies need to proactively manage their cyber risks. PwC’s Cyber Managed Services Centre takes a human-led, tech-powered approach to provide businesses with comprehensive managed solutions to their cyber challenges.

To learn more about PwC's Cyber Managed Services Centre, visit pwc.ie/cybercentre