Introducing the new “smart” supplement

Manufactured in Co Clare, Pharma Plus is an evidence-based supplement range developed to safely support health and wellbeing and meet the various needs of the general population

Created by Irish pharmacists, Pharma Plus aims to revolutionise the supplement market with evidence-based products for every stage of life

With so much choice readily available on the shelves, choosing a supplement can be a minefield, which is where the expert advice of a knowledgeable pharmacist comes in very useful. Now, a group of Irish pharmacists have gone a step further and developed their own range of supplements containing only the most necessary ingredients to support your health at vital times of your life.

Manufactured in Co Clare, Pharma Plus is an evidence-based supplement range developed to safely support health and wellbeing and meet the various needs of the general population. To this end, each supplement only contains ingredients with a scientifically proven health benefit, leaving out unnecessary ingredients that might cause harm in certain individuals. The idea behind the brand is that many people don’t have the time to consult with doctors or pharmacists to identify exactly what they need; and often might therefore be ingesting ingredients in a supplement that might not be suitable for their individual health needs.

The first product developed by the blossoming company launched in 2021. Vit D3 1000 iu features a high dose of vitamin D, which is safe to take regularly. The creators of the product identified from research that those with lower levels of vitamin D in their bodies suffered worse from Covid-19 than those who had sufficient levels of vitamin D. With consultants looking to pharmacists to increase the intake of vitamin D in their patients as a general line of defence, the need for a high-dosage vitamin D supplement was quickly identified.

From this, the Pharma Plus founders turned their attention to multivitamins, acknowledging that in many products, the key ingredients tend to be in very small doses and combined with additives and ingredients most people shouldn’t be taking regularly. For example, many supplements aimed at women (particularly to help menopause symptoms) contain calcium for bone health; however, too much calcium can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, so a bone density scan should establish a need for extra calcium before taking a supplement. Instead, the Pharma Plus supplement contains vitamin D, a safer option that helps your body better absorb calcium for bone health.

Many customers assume that if something can be bought over the counter, it is safe to take, but this mightn’t be the case if the customer is on other medications or beta blockers. The ethos behind Pharma Plus is that we should only take supplements as and when we need them, and we should become more aware of the ingredients in whatever we take. Therefore the range omits ingredients like potassium, biotin and iron, which should only be taken as needed.

In just a few short years, the Pharma Plus founders have developed a comprehensive range of supplements to join the brand’s vitamin D product. These include Pharma Plus Active Immune, a daily single-sachet supplement drink with a well-researched, peer-reviewed blend of vitamins to support the immune and energy systems – including Wellmune, a patented ingredient by the Kerry Group that is clinically demonstrated to help improve immune health; Active Immune Teen, which has the same ingredients but in doses suitable for those aged 13-19; PharmaBiotics, which contains gut-friendly bacteria proven to reach the gut alive and formulated for short-term use after an antibiotic or longer-term use to support gut health; Omega 3 1000Mg, which supports healthy skin and hair, lowers cholesterol and supports brain health, and Menoplus, which is designed to support women through the menopause and perimenopause and provides a two-month supply of essential vitamins and minerals, including omega 3s, vitamins D, B1, B2, B6, B12, folic acid, magnesium and zinc. The brand’s newest product is PharmaGlow, a supplement containing 5000mg of hydrolysed marine collagen, which is proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, combined with vitamin C.

All Pharma Plus products are manufactured in Ireland in Co Clare. Pharma Plus is available in Boots nationwide, Lloyds, Life, McCauleys and most pharmacies nationwide, as well as online at www.pharmaplus.ie