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Intellect brings managed approach to bridging the skills gap in Ireland

Mariana Moraes, Intellect senior talent consultant: Intellect goes beyond what is traditionally expected by collaboratively partnering with organisations to understand not only their business, but what makes them tick

Intellect is a leading life science and technology talent specialist agency, bringing many years of industry experience and expertise to deliver creative placement solutions to businesses in these sectors. Intellect designs its services to suit the individual needs of its clients, from temporary and permanent placements, to fully-managed talent acquisition.

Staff resourcing presents a challenge to many organisations with industry-wide skills shortages, rapidly evolving skills requirements, and the reality of contending with remote and hybrid working patterns. Where others would only see the challenge, Intellect collaboratively partners with organisations to find hidden opportunities for new competitive advantage.

Widening the talent pool

By working closely with its clients, Intellect allows organisations to avail of a different approach to talent acquisition by widening the talent pool and mining untapped seams to uncover hidden diamonds. The traditional method of recycling talent around an already depleted pool serves only to spiral costs to unsustainable levels. Organisations can tap into a broader market to include those with non-typical education or experience backgrounds (but with superior transferrable skills), attract talent from abroad, and ensure that roles appeal to more diverse candidate groups.

Intellect understands the essence of its clients’ organisations while retaining arm’s length governance. This separation allows Intellect to leverage a broader range of connections and networks to present organisations with excellent candidates that they might never have considered themselves. This added diversity creates a stronger, more creative, and more resilient organisation and adds inherent competitive advantage.

Fully managed talent acquisition

Through strategic talent pooling and succession planning, organisations are encouraged to adopt a creatively proactive mindset to resource planning, with contingency baked into the process.

Flexible workforce strategies allow organisations to keep up with exponential growth or unexpected business changes, both of which are characteristic of the rapid development in life sciences and technology. Through coordinating these strategies, Intellect provides the agility to swiftly flex resources up or down in response to an immediate need. Fostering and delivering an “outside the box” approach, Intellect helps organisations realise the value of leveraging long-term initiatives, including thoughtfully designed and structured career nurturing programmes such as internships and graduate development programmes. These frequently have positive and lasting impacts on organisations.

Intellect fully supports critical, and often confidential, executive search for its clients. The agency also provides a range of services to enhance the talent acquisition and management processes, including psychometric testing, outplacement services, and executive coaching.

Intellect goes beyond what is traditionally expected by collaboratively partnering with organisations to understand not only their business, but what makes them tick; the culture, practices and idiosyncrasies that make them who they are. By applying this understanding, coupled with a depth and breadth of industry-wide knowledge and connections, Intellect delivers creative and managed solutions to even the most complex of resourcing needs.

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