How to take a nice bite out of a tasty business opportunity

AIL Group is continuously innovating and expanding, and currently has plans to launch new locations and introduce novel menu items across its brands

Oasis Of Taste combines the best of AIL Group’s three flagship brands

There are a number of eateries and fast food outlets which are the mainstay of high streets across Ireland and many of them come under the umbrella of AIL Group, a prominent entity in the Irish food and beverage franchise industry.

Renowned for its diverse portfolio, many of the household names include three of their biggest flagship franchise brands - Abrakebabra, Bagel Factory, and O’Brien’s Cafe.

Specialising in fast-casual dining experiences, AIL Group’s main business revolves around providing high-quality, diverse food options which cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Company Details

AIL Group

Year Founded: 1982

Number of Staff: 1000+ in our franchise network

Why it’s in the news: AIL Group recently opened its 8th Oasis Of Taste Food Hall in Ashleaf Shopping Centre

Starting with Abrakebabra in 1982, the group has swiftly grown, incorporating Bagel Factory in 2002 and O’Brien’s Café in 2009, showcasing a dynamic fusion of innovative approaches and traditional values.

But while the various outlets are undoubtedly popular with customers across Ireland, they also offer a fantastic business opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to get involved in a tried and trusted brand which already has a solid customer base.

Indeed, AIL Group is continuously innovating and expanding, and currently has plans to launch new locations and introduce novel menu items across its brands – and the group’s commitment to sustainability and community involvement remains a cornerstone of its business philosophy.

At present, there is a dynamic team of over 1000 employees working in branches around the country and a growing network of more than 80 franchised outlets, proving that AIL Group has established a robust presence across Ireland, fostering a culture of excellence and customer satisfaction.

Catering to a variety of different customer tastes and budgets, each brand within the AIL Group offers a unique franchise model tailored to its market segment. For example, Abrakebabra focuses on bold flavours and a menu which emphasises kebabs, loaded fries and international cuisine, while Bagel Factory offers a health-conscious option with customisable bagels, appealing to a broad demographic seeking quality and nutrition.

O’Brien’s Cafe is different again and prides itself on being a cosy retreat, offering handcrafted sandwiches and salads along with a selection of premium coffees and teas – while Oasis Of Taste combines the best of its three flagship brands into one food hall space, sharing costs and customers.

Brand manager Adam Beere says that while the core operational principles remain consistent and ‘focused on quality, customer service and brand integrity’, the specific franchise models differ in menu offerings, store layout and target market to cater to the diverse preferences of their clientele.

So there is something to suit the aspirations of would-be franchisees, regardless of their location. And, whichever business model they decide to get involved in, they can be sure of support right from the outset.

“Franchisees joining the AIL Group benefit will from comprehensive training programmes covering operations, marketing and customer service,” he said. “They will also receive ongoing support from the head office, including site selection, store design, and launch strategies. There are marketing and promotional tools tailored to each brand and they will have access to an established supply chain and proprietary products.

“Investment levels vary depending on the outlet’s size and location, offering opportunities for franchisees with a minimum personal investment starting from €50,000 upwards. And, while prior experience in the food and beverage industry is beneficial, AIL Group values passion, commitment and a strong desire to succeed as key attributes for its partners.”

For more details about franchise opportunities with AIL Group and its brands, interested parties can visit www.ailgroup.ie or contact the franchise team on (01) 496 7162 or hello@ailgroup.ie