Giving managed service providers peace of mind

With MSPs under greater pressure to provide comprehensive services, Infinigate Cloud continues expanding its services to help them meet these demands

Michael Frisby, senior vice president cloud services, Infinigate Cloud: ‘It’s about making sure it’s secure and that the most cost-efficient technologies are always available’ to clients

Providing services to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and operating in twelve countries across Europe, Infinigate Cloud, the award-winning value-added cloud services provider, is in a strong position and is partnered with the most prominent global vendors like Microsoft, Acronis, Bluedog, Sophos and more.

Michael Frisby, senior vice president of cloud services for Infinigate Cloud, lists three main focus areas for Infinigate Cloud as they enter each marketplace. The first is bringing the Infinigate Cloud business to MSPs, providing services that let them build more profitable businesses and build their recurring revenue.

The second area of focus is the introduction of Microsoft as a security vendor for Infinigate, further strengthening its already vast portfolio by including the largest global cybersecurity vendor.

Infinigate Cloud

Founded: 1996

Staff: 74 (Britain and Ireland, Benelux, DACH and Nordics)

Why it is in the news: Infinigate Cloud recently strengthened its offerings to MSPs by integrating both SCOUT and Microsoft CoPilot services into its offering

The third area is bringing its digital marketplace and releasing it across Europe. For all the vendors it’ s partnered with, be it Microsoft, Acronis, Sophos, or WatchGuard, it serves its MSP customers through that platform and marketplace, streamlining how they work with their customers.

One significant area that Infinigate Cloud is working in is Security Operations Centres (SOC), specifically helping MSPs provide 24/7 monitoring solutions.

An area that’s becoming more important with each passing day is cyber security and to help, Infinigate Cloud offers SOC-as-a-service providing the benefits of having one, while greatly reducing the cost needed to build and operate one.

“If an MSP wanted to build their own 24/ 7 SOC, they’re looking at an investment of at least €5 million,” explained Frisby. “The service we're bringing out to market is €5 to €10 per user per month, so by leveraging the scale we've have - being a pan-European specialist delivering secure cloud solutions - we're able to leverage that scale and bring a great set of offerings and options for MSPs to provide that 24/ 7 support”.

No matter how small they are, it’s about making sure it’s secure and that the most cost-efficient technologies are always available to them

That coincides with two services it recently added to its roster. The first is SCOUT (Security Cost Optimisation & Utilisation Tool), a set of tools that analyses an organisation’ s Microsoft Cloud infrastructure in detail and finds cost optimisations.

It also analyses its security posture to identify areas for improvement, and it can typically find 25 to 30 per cent cost savings.

“ Typically, what we see customers and partners doing is taking some of that cost saving and investing in a bit more security,” Frisby mentioned.“ We’ ve gained a lot of interest in it because partners want to help their customers save money.”

The other tool is Microsoft Copilot, its generative AI service, which takes data from Microsoft 365 services and Microsoft Graph to help organisations become more productive.

Whether it’s summaries of meetings, finding and marking documents, or generating drafts, it’s designed to help streamline certain processes. While beneficial, it also requires a good data management strategy to be in place, something Infinigate Cloud is working closely with partners on, to ensure they hit the ground running.

“Making sure you have got the right data management policies, compliance frameworks, and data security in place is fundamental for the successful rollout of these generative AI services.”

Kieran McDonnell, head of Infinigate Cloud Ireland Photo by Robbie Khan

An area close to the heart of Kieran McDonnell, head of Infinigate Cloud Ireland, and the team in Dublin and Belfast is working with independent software vendors (ISVs), and all its work applies to them just as much as it does to the big players.

“No matter how small they are, it’s about making sure it’s secure and that the most cost-efficient technologies are always available to them,” he said.

What it all comes back to are two key principles that drive the business forward: how they can make the business better than it is today and how they can help their partners be successful. As Frisby concludes,“ our success flows from that.”