Delivering success for people and business through AI

In today's fast-paced business world, embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn't a choice – it's the key to staying ahead

While tech experts understand how AI can be leveraged to aid operations, other senior personnel may not

Gone are the days of questioning whether to invest in AI; now, it's about when and how. It's about leveraging innovation tailored to your organisation's needs, not just following trends. This delicate balance is essential for future-proofing operations and ensuring sustained success.

The benefits of AI are undeniable. Our research – involving more than 100 IT leaders and decision-makers across larger enterprises and organisation across Ireland – revealed the top five advantages as improved staff productivity (59%), improved processes/workflows (56%), enhanced customer service (52%), reduced operating costs (44%), and improved data analytics/reporting (34%).

Moreover, some 43% of IT leaders are using AI to assist with their work. Yet, despite the clear benefits, almost half (48%) of IT leaders said senior management does not understand the potential of AI.

This suggests that while tech experts understand how AI can be leveraged to aid operations, other senior personnel may not, creating a misalignment within companies which could potentially prevent implementation and stifle innovation. To successfully modernise the workplace and leverage AI, organisations must take action.

This means reviewing operations, identifying challenges, and pinpointing areas where AI solutions can have a meaningful impact. For instance, AI could help to automate daily tasks and enable people to be more productive, or it might be implemented to digitise customer services thus enhancing experiences and boosting satisfaction levels.

Setting clear goals and measuring results further ensure AI's alignment to support business objectives. Through this, companies can determine what’s working and what’s not, adapting their approach and remaining agile.

The other piece of the AI puzzle is expertise. Staff must have the knowledge and skills to effectively leverage and secure such technologies. If a company doesn’t have this in-house, working with a trusted partner can assist with unlocking the potential of AI and aiding innovation. In turn, businesses can reap the benefits and drive success not just for their people but the organisation as a whole – today and for the future.

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